Lass & Lions Tennessee Distillery is an undoubtedly creative establishment.

-- The Pulse, Chattanooga's Weekly Alternative, Drink 2017

Lass & Lions Tennessee Distillery is an undoubtedly creative establishment. Those with a palate for spirits know that, whatever shape the bottle may be, the contents are often similar to the last bottle of vodka they opened. But, Lass & Lions is different. 

This craft brand prides itself on being the first spirit producer in the world to create a line of flavored vodka through infusing functional herbs. In fact, CEO Danette Newton is a biomedical engineer with an expert knowledge in botanicals, giving her the perfect background to work with functional herb infusions. These herbs are all-natural and give each drink a distinct taste and color, which is unlike any spirit before it. 

Lass and Lions’ spirits are made small-batch to bring out the flavor and quality of each bottle.  The spirits are distilled and filtered six times, and the vodka is made with pure Appalachian Mountain spring water sourced from the local region. Then, Lass & Lions infuses herbs into its spirits using a highly-guarded and perfected herbal infusion process that is stable and sustainable—not an easy feat using real herbs or botanicals. 

Opening a bottle of Lass & Lions’ vodka doesn’t just guarantee the consumer a great drink, it provides a vodka-drinking experience that transcends alcohol and basic flavors.  Bottles such a Desire, Rush, and Unwind are infused with herbs that are widely known to possess functional properties. Also, the wax dipped tops are scented to reflect the flavor profile of each herbal blend.

Since opening, Lass & Lions has had a tremendous reception and will soon be looking for a larger facility and adding employees as the market demands their products. Vodka drinkers looking for a new way to enjoy spirits and to learn more about Lass & Lions should attend Lass & Lions’ launch party at Southside Social on August 2nd.

 Lass & Lions Tennessee Distillery

July 26, 2017