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Tennessee Craft Vodka

Our premium straight craft vodka is simply unrivaled in taste and quality. We know water is key to a great vodka, so we make ours with pure Appalachian Mountain spring water which started out as rain or snowmelt over the mountain range and slowly filtered through the Appalachian Mountain rock absorbing the perfect balance of minerals and pH. We then filter our craft vodka 6 times through our proprietary charcoal filtration system to create a super smooth, crisp, and clean vodka. You'll never taste a smoother vodka.

80 Proof | 40% Alc./Vol.

Mash: 100% American Grain, 6x distilled at 190 proof

Water: Pure Appalachian Mountain spring water

Filtration: Charcoal, proprietary 6x filtration method

Tasting Notes: soft, clean, crisp, smooth, and leaves an almost creamy mouthfeel. A true craft vodka experience.

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functional herb infusions

We take our premium craft vodka to make the world's first vodka infused with real, all-natural, functional botanicals.

Whether you need a relaxing time to Unwind, a fun time to Rush, or a sensual time to Desire -- we have a craft vodka to compliment your mood. We're much more than just another vodka in a fancy bottle. Learn more below about our innovative vodka infused with functional botanicals.

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Infused with Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Hibiscus, and Damiana to compliment a sensual experience.  Has subtle vanilla and earthy notes without an overly sweet taste and a smooth finish.

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Infused with Clove, Green Tea, and Yerba Mate to compliment an energizing experience.  Has spicy undertones of cinnamon, full body, with a smooth finish.

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Infused with Chamomile and Lemongrass to compliment a relaxing experience.  Has a mild citrus note with a clean, crisp finish.